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Protect and enhance habitat for the wildlife on your farm

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You may wish to protect and encourage wildlife on your farm because you recognise the advantages of beneficial insects and pollinators to your farm business.

You may want to preserve the sound of skylarks and the sight of boxing hares for the next generation, or feel a responsibility to leave the landscape in better condition thanks to your management.

In either case, environmental management for wildlife must form part of a sustainable farm business to ensure the longevity of the important farmland habitats you help to create and conserve.

The best management choices to support wildlife on your farm will depend on several factors, including farm type, geographical location and the species already present in your area.

However, there are many relatively simple steps you can take to provide the wildlife on your farm with the three key ingredients to thrive:

  • Spring/summer food to help them breed and feed their young
  • Nesting/breeding sites
  • Winter food and shelter

Most of the actions suggested below are suitable for both arable and livestock farms, but where a suggested action is only relevant to one type of farming this is indicated in the section title.