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GWCT Big Farmland Bird Count 2019

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Each February, CFE partner the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) asks farmers across the country to spend 30 minutes counting the birds on their farm as part of the annual Big Farmland Bird Count.

The event was sponsored for the first time this year by another CFE partner, the National Farmers' Union (NFU), and each year results in a snap-shot of farmland birdlife across the country.

One of the first steps in protecting and promoting wildlife on farms is to understand what is already there, and the BFBC collects valuable data to inform guidance on how farmers can best act to support wildlife.

Organiser of the count Jim Egan said: 

“Counting birds on farm is a great way to recognise what species are there as well as being an opportunity to take time out and see the benefits of work such as wild seed mix and supplementary feeding.

“Taking part and submitting results enables us at GWCT to shout about the important conservation work many farmers are doing.

“We want landowners to be proud of their efforts. We will make sure that the public and policymakers hear about what can be achieved on Britain’s farms. The BFBC is a very positive way to showcase what can be achieved.”

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It is also a fantastic opportunity for farmers to connect with the wildlife on their farms, which they may see every day but rarely have the time to appreciate. CFE would encourage all farmers who already have bird-friendly measures on their farms, or who are thinking of adopting some, to take part. You may even see something you’ve never seen before!

Hear from Yorkshire farmer Richard Bramley:

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