Environmental Seed Offers 2022

28 March 2022

seed mixes 2022 [2]

CFE is thrilled to announce the return of the
Environmental Seed Mixes, kindly subsidised by Syngenta

Syngenta, through their Operation Pollinator project, provides a range of great offers for growers to purchase bespoke environmental seed mixtures to support wildlife on farm - at 20% discount. The offers work in partnership with the CFE, ASDA and Kings.

The seed mixes include the following:

  • A spring sown Bees‘n’Seeds mix provides valuable late season pollen and nectar, before producing an essential food seed source for many farmland birds.
  • An autumn sown, well balanced, Annual Flower Mix, producing season long display of flowers that provides vital pollen and nectar for pollinating insects.
  • The Green Headland seed mix, suited for planting on uncropped headlands to support wildlife, improve soil health and reduce potential run-off.

Bees‘n’Seeds mix

The benefits:

  • Provides later season pollen and nectar for bees and other pollinating insects
  • AND high production of a range of seeds, to feed many farmland bird species through the winter months
  • Grown in conjunction with the Annual Wildflower Mix provides an excellent diversity of habitats
  • Provides an ideal canopy for game birds and will complement game cover crops
  • Compatible with appropriate herbicide use to control grass and broad-leaved weeds

The offer:

Cost: £66/pack (including delivery and grower guidelines)
Pack size: 20 kg which will sow up to one hectare
Seed rate: 20 kg/ha
Planting time: May to mid-July
Mix contains: mustard, brown mustard, buckwheat, Gold of Pleasure, kale rape, sunflower, phacelia and fodder radish


Bees‘n’Seeds mix

Operation Pollinator Annual Flower Mix

The benefits:

  • A flower mix which is relatively easy to establish and manage, and has a high visual impact
  • Specifically mixed to give a season-long flowering period and be cost effective
  • Creates an additional ecological asset to perennial margins
  • No in-season management required
  • As an annual it is flexible to rotate around your farm

The offer:

Cost: £65/pack (including delivery and grower guidelines)
Pack size: 4 kg which will sow up to one hectare
Seed rate: 4-8 kg/ha
Planting time: August to October. Can be spring sown, but dry conditions may compromise establishment and protract the length of flowering season.
Mix contains: crimson clover, red clover, phacelia, native corn flower, native corn marigold and native corn chamomile

operation pollinator mix_83760

Operation Pollinator Annual Flower Mix

Green Headland Mix

The benefits:

  • Retain and improve soil structure on headlands that are often left bare
  • Retain or improve key nutrients
  • Reduce the potential risk of soil erosion
  • Provide an effective buffer strip next to water courses
  • Provide essential pollen and nectar for pollinating insects later in the summer season
  • Brassica free mix available
  • Can be planted on land that has been put under a Fallow Land option within your EFA

The offer:

Cost: £45/pack (including delivery and grower guidelines)
Pack size: 20 kg which will sow up to one hectare
Seed rate: 20 kg/ha
Planting time: End April to End June
Standard mix: common vetch, oil radish, buckwheat, phacelia and berseem clover
Brassica free mix: common vetch, linseed, buckwheat, phacelia and berseem clover

green headlands mix_83761

Green Headlands Mix

To take advantage of Syngenta’s subsidised price offers
and to order your seed* call Kings direct with the product codes below:
0800 587 9797 or 01379 658 135
*Terms and conditions apply – see further information below
Seed mix: Product code:
Bees‘n’Seeds KBEEOP
Operation Pollinator Annual Flower mix KOPMIX
Standard Green Headland mix KIPLGREEN
Non-brassica Green Headland mix KIPLNB

For more details about each seed mix you can view the Q&A document here: Q&A for all seed mixtures 2022

Terms and conditions:
All purchases of seed are subject to Kings standard terms and conditions and also
the following Syngenta voucher terms:
Limited offer. Available on a first-come, first-served basis. Individual growers limited
to a maximum of 15 packs per mix. In redeeming the product codes, you agree that
your name, address, email address and contact phone number will be recorded and
passed to Syngenta for the purposes of: (i) validating, assessing and auditing new
pollinator habitat creation as part of Operation Pollinator and Syngenta’s Good
Growth Plan; and (ii) to contact you to offer advice relating to the seeds purchased.
No financial information will be transferred to Syngenta. Syngenta and its partners
will use your information in accordance with Syngenta’s privacy policy, which can be
found at https://www.syngenta.co.uk/content/privacy-policy

For further information please contact: U3luZ2VudGFLaW5nc0VucXVpcmllc0Bmcm9udGllcmFnLmNvLnVr
Belinda Bailey - Tel 07436 030 365 or YmVsaW5kYS5iYWlsZXlAc3luZ2VudGEuY29t;

King’s Technical Enquires- Tel 01379 658135; or your local Syngenta

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