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Countryside COP October 2021

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11th - 15th October 2021

On the 1st - 12th of November 2021 the UK will be host to COP26, a United Nations Climate Change conference held to discuss climate change and ways to get it under control. Despite this, there is a limited amount of attention on the UKs rural economy and the role agriculture can have in helping tackle these issues. As such a Countryside Cop will be held in October to allow the rural community to come together and showcase the opportunities that are available and the contribution already being made to reach Net Zero 

What will it look like?

  • Countryside COP will be a mix of virtual and live events to suit host organisations.
  • Modelled on the COP, the Countryside COP kicks off with a plenary session to introduce farming, rural local authority, education, research leaders and more, setting out their challenge and vision for farming, the countryside and the conference. 
  • Any industry stakeholder can host their own events of debate and discussion on key COP themes over the week 11-15 October. The theme days are used as a guide, and organisations are free to schedule their event when best suits them.
  • Each event will discuss specific subjects in depth to produce three to five key messages to drive implementation. 
  • The key messages from each event will be collated by the Countryside COP secretariat into an outcome document of recommendations and actions for policymakers, the industry, research, the supply chain, and investors.


Follow here to see the programme for the Countryside COP, be sure to check back to see any new updates as they are confirmed 

Countryside COP programme 

Why get involved in the Countryside COP?

The Countryside COP allows the rural community and UK agriculture to set the agenda and will serve to amplify policy asks and/or other messaging utilising a multitude of voices. With sufficient support, the aim is to run the Countryside COP annually, ensuring a legacy from COP26.

CountrysideCOP Framework for event hosts


  • When? 11-15 October 2021
  • Can anyone host an event? Yes. The event provides an umbrella for different organisations to run their own workshops. Existing events could also be promoted under the Countryside COP banner.
  • How do I go about hosting an event? Each host is free to organise an event in a format that suits their organisation.
  • Should events be between 09:00 and 17:00? You can stage your event at any time to best suit your audience e.g. it could be a breakfast or evening event if this best suits your speakers and/or target audience.
  • Will Countryside COP help promote my event? Yes, in addition to publicising your own event, co-promotion of all events by everyone involved in Countryside COP will help amplify the messaging. The programme of events will be hosted centrally and made available for all. There will be a plan of press and social media activity.
  • Does it include the whole of the UK? Yes, it is UK wide and can also involve international events.
  • Is this a new event? Yes, and if successful it could become an annual event.
  • Who is organising Countryside COP? The idea has come from the GHGAP (AHDB, AEA, AIC, CLA, LEAF, NFU, NIAB and ORC), NFU Cymru, NFUS and UFU but all interested organisations and individuals are welcome to collaborate. 

For further information please contact bmV0emVyb0BuZnUub3JnLnVr

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