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In Cornwall, local activity is co-ordinated by Rebecca Hughes and the Regional Coordination Team.

The Regional Coordination Team (RCT) manages and coordinates a wide range of events and activities to raise awareness of, and engagement with, the Campaign. They are available to help you support the Campaign for the Farmed Environment on your holding.

CFE Local Priority Plans

The CFE Local Liaison Group (LLG) produces a Local Priority Plan (LPP).

This LPP is based on environmental issues relevant to the area and complements the national CFE messages and priorities. The LPP is produced by the local coordinator by drawing on local partner expertise. The LLP will help the LLG decide which habitats or species and water quality issues to target, so it can tailor activity accordingly.

This process of developing the LPP is farmer led and simple to accomplish. The LPPs are also working documents, and will be adapted as appropriate.

View the Cornwall plan here.


To contact the team:

Mark Smith:
Mob: 07764 659484
[email protected]

Lauren Clarke contacts:
Tel: 01823 355427
email: [email protected]

Becky Hughes contacts:
Tel: 07733 325996
[email protected]



Last updated: 30 Apr 2015

Review of Events

Review of Events

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