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CFE Virtual Workshop - Hedges for Pollinators and Carbon

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This webinar, hosted by CFE Northern area co-ordinator Fraser Hugill, will look at the role hedgerows can play in two of the big environmental challenges of our time.  Enhancing habitats for pollinators and other beneficial insects vital to growing crops and addressing climate change as agriculture moves to achieving net zero

Thursday July 2nd: 7:00-8:00pm 

Expert speakers include:

  • Steven Falk, renowned entomologist, discussing the role of hedgerows for pollinators.
  • Matthew Axe, on behalf of hedgelink, discussing his research into the role of hedgerows for storing carbon.
  • Helen Rhodes, Yorkshire farmer and advocate of sensitive hedgerow management, discussing the practicalities of managing hedges on a commercial farm.

You are welcome to submit questions to the panel in advance of the webinar and there will be a Q&A with panellists during the event.

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Registration is now closed but you will be able to view a recording of this webinar online soon.

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