Tried & Tested Update Oct 2017

Last updated: 25 Oct 2017

Tried and Tested offers straightforward planning tools to help you make the most of all your available nutrient sources. This includes feeds, manures, organic and inorganic fertilisers. Our ‘Nutrient Management Plan’ can help you to put the new AHDB Nutrient Management Guide (RB209) into practice.

New RB209 is on our free T&T Memory sticks

AHDB’s revised RB209 Nutrient Management Guide was launched earlier this year. The new seven part nutrient management guide is available as a paper copy, an electronic copy to download, as an app, or on our free USB memory sticks.

Loaded with all of our management tools and up-to-date guides, click here to order your FREE Tried & Tested USB memory sticks.

The electronic version, and ninth edition of the RB209 is now interactive. Benefits of using the digital version over the printed copies include automatic updates and alerts, the ability to save notes, easier navigation and integrated multimedia content.


Key Date for Cross Compliance: 15th October 2017

The 15th of this month marks the start of the closed period for applying organic manure with a high readily available nitrogen content (for example, slurry, poultry manures or liquid digested sewage sludge) to grassland on soils which are not shallow or sandy. (SMR 1)

Is your spreader ready?

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