CFE supports Bees' Needs Week

Last updated: 03 Aug 2018

Bees' Needs Week was back for the third year running in July 2018

Defra’s annual Bees’ Needs Week ran in July with an official launch on London’s Carnaby Street - renamed ‘Carnabee Street’ for the duration of the campaign.

Defra partnered with Carnaby London, the leading West End shopping and dining destination to promote bee and pollinator action from government, conservation groups, industry and retailers and to raise awareness of what people can do to help bees.

NFU intern Isabelle Rayner attended the event to promote the work of CFE for pollinators.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove said:

“Bees and other pollinators are vital contributors to the beauty of our landscapes, our economy and our £100 billion food industry.

It is inspiring to see such a wide range of organisations celebrating these essential creatures for this unique Bees’ Needs campaign - showing us that all of us can play a part and help pollinators to thrive.”

Bees’ Needs Week is about celebrating the fact that everyone can get involved by growing more flowers, leaving patches of garden to grow wild, cutting grass less, not disturbing insect nests, and thinking carefully about using pesticides.

Simon Quayle, Director, Shaftesbury, said:

“Shaftesbury is delighted to support the launch of Bees’ Needs Week, on our very own ‘Carnabee’ Street, which is also being backed by many of our occupants in the area. 

We can all play our part in helping to boost the population, even in urban environments. If you take a closer look around our areas of London’s West End you can see we’ve introduced pockets of pollinator friendly plants wherever possible. With hanging baskets and window boxes, green walls and roofs, and even the introduction of rooftop beehives adorning parts of the area, it offers a much-needed oasis for our pollinating friends.”

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