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Last updated: 08 Jul 2013

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CFE facilitates the National Industry-led Initiative Forum which comprises high level representatives of the partnership organisations. This overarching forum ensures a broad industry overview leading to a consistent approach to the challenges of managing the farmed environment.


The Evidence and Monitoring Group provides a reference source for evidence, questions, verification of progress and monitors the outcomes of CFE. The group, under an independent chair, analyses the evidence base and identifies issues that require additional action. The group monitors progress against both CFE targets and Indicators of Progress. As a result, the group makes recommendations to other CFE governance groups to inform their activities and messaging. The current CFE Indicators of Progress can be found here.


Four different technical groups work with the CFE:

  • Environmental Land Management Group (ELM)

  • Professional Nutrient Management Group (PNMG)

  • Greenhouse Gas Action Plan (GHGAP)

  • The Voluntary Initiative on Pesticides (VI)


These technical groups provide information to the Delivery and Communications Group to develop integrated, consistent and coordinated messages for farmers. Involvement within the CFE structure enables the industry initiatives to use the local delivery structure to communicate and deliver their aims.


The Delivery and Communications Group develops national joint messaging from all of the initiatives and manages contributions from the Technical Groups. The group plays a pivotal role in the direction and support of regional/local coordinators.


The National Programme Office manages the day-to-day aspects of the CFE, including providing secretariat duties to the governance groups and liaison between group chairs, industry initiatives and locally based coordinators. The lead coordinators from each Regional Coordination Team report directly to the national Project Coordinator.


The Regional Coordination Teams (RCTs) promote CFE to lowland farms across all English counties. The teams manage Local Liaison Groups (LLGs) to establish local CFE priorities. There are 30 LLGs in England covering counties and sub-regions, and these groups include representatives of CFE partners and others with an interest in the farmed environment.  RCTs also plan and organise events (e.g. farm walks and workshops) on behalf of the LLGs, and use opportunities for promoting CFE and raising its awareness amongst farmers and advisers.

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