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Tried & Tested

Last updated: 31 Jul 2014


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In the 2013-16 Delivery Plan for the Campaign for the Farmed Environment a number of themes and indicators of progress are stated. These include resource protection and resource use efficiency, with indicators of progress such as Nutrient Management Planning and Soil Testing

Tried & Tested promotes effective nutrient management to maximise the on-farm benefit from using fertilisers whilst also minimising the risk of nutrient pollution and costly over-application of fertiliser. Careful management of the application of all nutrients will help ensure that the right amount of nutrient is available as the crop uses nutrients to grow, avoiding any excess in the soil which can be lost, polluting air and water.

For more information on how to download our information, planning tools or to obtain FREE hardcopy tools click here

What is Tried & Tested

Tried & Tested is a suite of FREE nutrient management planning tools and information for soils and ruminants. They were revised in 2014. Most information is available in both electronic and paper format.  It was created by the industry for the industry through the combined expertise of the Professional Nutrient Management Group (PNMG).  We are able to print and deliver these tools FREE OF CHARGE to farmers, agronomists and related organisations, thanks to funding from Catchment Sensitive Farming.  This funding must be matched with freely given time and expertise from the PNMG.

Why have a look at Tried & Tested

The 2013 Farm Practices Survey indicated that 57% of farmers surveyed had a nutrient management plan and around 75% of these farmers formulated the plan themselves, with or without professional advice.  Are you one of the 43% of farmers or farm managers that are missing out on potential cost and efficiency savings by not planning nutrient use?

With fertiliser use becoming increasingly complex and expensive, the Tried & Tested Nutrient Management Plan helps provide a simple, practical way to plan and record nutrient use.  It takes you through the process of nutrient management planning and complements the Defra Fertiliser Manual (RB209).

What are the benefits

  • A very practical way to plan and record nutrient use

  • The possibility of optimising crop production, avoid nutrient waste and therefore save money

  • Web-based guidance and case studies on nutrient planning

  • Access to an on-line search facility to find FACTS Qualified Advisers

  • Help farmers meet NVZ regulations, reduce diffuse water pollution and mitigate climate change

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