Farmland Birds

Follow the links below for articles describing how CFE is helping farmers to implement voluntary measures that benefit farmland birds:

Big Farmland Bird Count 2017

WATCH THIS SPACE - CFE bird events coming soon

BLOG: Fraser Hugill & the Big Farmland Bird Count

Seed Mix to Help Birds and Bees

Farmers learn how to help barn owls on their farms

CFE publications give advice on how to include habitat and food for farmland birds within your business, advice for arable farms is here and here, and for livestock and dairy farms is here.

Many of our case studies also show what farmers are doing for birds.

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Last updated: 19 Dec 2016

Turtle doves

Turtle doves

CFE is encouraging farmers to do their bit to help conserve one of the iconic birds of UK farmland. Turtle doves are under threat for several reasons and some CFE measures can help to provide the nesting sites and food sources that they need. Read More